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Viewer Awards - Week Ended 08/19/2017
ABBI-NATURAL "Best Use of Toys"
ADELYNEQ "Best Submissive" (Runner Up: "Prettiest Eyes" )
AMERICAN_H0TTIE "Best Close-Ups" (Runner Up: "Best Ass" )
ARNELLADUVALE "Best Personality" (Runner Up: "Tightest Bod" "Hottest Action" )
BESTWIFE4U "Best Oral"
AALEXIA CAGE "Best Hair" , "Best Role Play" (Runner Up: , "Best Use of Toys" )
DIANESMITH "Best Marketing" (Runner Up: "Best Legs" )
-FANTASY-ROOM- "Prettiest Face" , "Best Video" (Runner Up: , "Best Production Values" , "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests" , "Best Close-Ups" , "Best Tease" )
GORGEOUS-BB "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests" (Runner Up: "Best Close-Ups" "Best Audio" )
HOTLANI35 "Nastiest"
INNAMORATAA "Best Legs" , "Horniest" , "Best Dominant" , "Best Production Values" (Runner Up: , "Best Pussy" , "Best Video" , "Hottest Action" , "Most Original/Creative" )
KARLIESEXY "Best Anal" (Runner Up: "Best Tease" "Best Ass" )
LIVE-SHOWXXX "Prettiest Eyes" , "Hottest Action"
LOVELY.AMY1 "Best Pussy" , "Friendliest" , "Most Original/Creative"
MISTERYGIRLFROMVENICE "Tightest Bod" , "Best Tease" , "Best Audio" (Runner Up: , "Most Orgasmic" , "Best Smile" )
NEXTDOORBLONDE "Most Orgasmic" (Runner Up: "Best Breasts" )
SUGARDELIGHT "Best Hardcore" (Runner Up: "Most Original/Creative" "Best Pussy" )
DELIA7 "Best Breasts"
MEGANTYLERXXX "Best Marketing" "Best Production Values" "Best Smile" "Best Role Play"
AMANDABANKSS "Best Hair" "Best Oral"
AMBLIKA "Best Personality"
_BEDDABLE_WOMAN_ "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests"
BLUEYESDREAM-4U "Best Dominant"
DREAMCAMM "Best Hardcore" "Best Anal"
EROTICBLOND "Friendliest"
FUCKMEHONEY "Best Marketing"
HOT_BREASTS "Prettiest Eyes" "Best Breasts"
HOTREBBECA "Prettiest Face"
JAIDEMA "Tightest Bod" "Best Legs" "Most Orgasmic"
JEESY26 "Horniest"
KATISHALU "Horniest"
KIARACAMM "Best Dominant"
KITTYPINKK "Best Hardcore" "Best Oral" "Best Audio" "Best Video"
NOOKY_NOOKY_4U "Best Anal" "Best Hair"
SHARONSEXY22 "Nastiest"
SKADESNOW "Best Personality"
TOP-10 "Prettiest Face" "Friendliest"
Couples & Groups
COOKIES- "Best Pussy" , "Best Oral" , "Best Video"
LOVE2SUCK4U "Best Breasts" , "Best Role Play"
ALLURINGALI25 "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests" , "Best Submissive" , "Best Marketing" , "Best Production Values" (Runner Up: , "Best Ass" , "Best Legs" , "Best Personality" , "Best Close-Ups" , "Best Tease" , "Most Original/Creative" , "Best Smile" , "Best Breasts" , "Best Audio" )
ANGEL777DEVIL "Best Personality" , "Most Original/Creative" , "Best Role Play" (Runner Up: , "Prettiest Face" )
BEATRICESTAR "Prettiest Eyes" , "Best Hair" , "Best Breasts" , "Best Ass" , "Tightest Bod" , "Best Legs" , "Prettiest Face" , "Best Anal" , "Best Dominant" , "Best Smile" (Runner Up: , "Best Pussy" )
CRUEL_MEL "Hottest BBW" , "Friendliest" (Runner Up: , "Most Original/Creative" )
JOLEEXXX4U "Best Use of Toys" (Runner Up: "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests" "Best Pussy" "Best Video" )
PLAYFULANN_ "Nastiest" , "Best Audio" (Runner Up: , "Friendliest" , "Hottest Action" , "Best Submissive" , "Best Marketing" , "Best Production Values" , "Best Hair" , "Best Legs" , "Best Close-Ups" , "Best Smile" )
PROFETISH "Best Video" (Runner Up: "Best Anal" "Best Personality" )
SEXYMEXMILF "Best Close-Ups" , "Most Orgasmic" (Runner Up: , "Best Audio" , "Most Willing to Fulfill Requests" )
XXCUPCAKEXX "Best Pussy" , "Horniest" , "Hottest Action" , "Best Tease" (Runner Up: , "Best Hair" , "Best Dominant" , "Friendliest" , "Best Anal" )
BLONDE_MIAMI "Tightest Bod" "Best Tease"
GLAMDOMME "Prettiest Face"
GRANNYNEEDS "Best Role Play"
TRUEBLONDE "Best Breasts" "Best Video" "Best Dominant"
KINKYMISSJESS "Prettiest Face" , "Best Personality" , "Most Original/Creative"
IFRIENDERTS "Prettiest Face" , "Horniest" , "Best Video"
NICHOLE_TS "Best Ass" , "Best Anal" (Runner Up: , "Best Video" )
BRANDONROSS1 "Prettiest Face" , "Best Personality" , "Most Original/Creative" , "Best Smile"

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